Sports Betting: Top 5 Sports In The USA For Betting

By Peter C

Sports betting is getting increasingly popular in the US and in other nations across the globe. While various sports are available for players to bet on at multiple sportsbooks, players tend to place more bets on some sports than others.

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The reason is that, in the betting world, bettors are naturally attracted to sports that promise competitive odds and huge recreational benefits. But let’s look at the top 5 most famous sports for bettors in the United States.


Soccer remains the most widespread sport among bettors in the US. The reason is not far-fetched; the sport has the most supporters worldwide. The enticing and competitive odds on soccer games is why soccer is arguably the most played sport in the majority of sportsbooks in the United States.


The right sport to come after soccer is tennis. Tennis betting is popular in the United States owing to several reasons. The sport is very easy to learn. So, you can learn most tennis jargon in no time without putting all your effort into it.

Since tennis is an alluring sport, it explains why most people participate in it. Also, players love to place bets on tennis because there are a lot of tennis tournaments every year, giving bettors more chances to bet.


America’s kind of football might not be the same as the rest of the world, but it’s one of the top sports Americans like to bet on at major sportsbooks. With about 256 games in a regular American football season and many betting options to choose from, it’s no surprise why football betting is popular in the country.


Basketball outcomes might be a little bit difficult to forecast due to the nature of the sport, but the competitive odds in basketball games are sometimes enticing to ignore.

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So, many bettors like to test their knowledge of the sport by placing bets on it.


Apart from the fact that baseball is an interesting sport, it also has competitive odds, which is one of the things bettors care about. Also, there are more betting options on baseball than on other sports.

Also, with over two thousand season games, there are just many games to bet on.