Lululemon’s Chargefeel: The Workout Shoe That Comes Closest To Doing It All

By Peter C

There are all kinds of workout footwear on the market, but only a few can truly do it all. Running shoes are designed specifically for running; weightlifting shoes have a flatter sole, but what about high-intensity interval training (HIIT)?

Source: @tirachard-kumtanom-112571/Pexels

HIIT requires a combination of support and bounce for jumping, explosive movements, and stability for running. And this is where Lululemon’s Chargefeel ($138) comes in.

Designed for cross-training and everyday running, Chargefeel is a versatile shoe that offers both the bounce and forward motion of a running shoe and the stabilizing side-to-side support of a cross-training shoe.

With a “female-specific shape,” Chargefeel is made for women’s feet and is available in two styles, Low and Mid, and 14 different colors.

We meticulously analyzed close to 100 reviews of Lululemon’s workout shoes before making a decision. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we wanted to experience the product ourselves.

After three weeks of testing, we found that the Chargefeel was indeed a versatile shoe, comfortable for HIIT, weightlifting, walking, and running. The shoes were supportive and stable during HIIT workouts and even during strength-based movements like single-leg deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats.

The only time we felt discomfort was during running-inspired moves, but it was not enough to cause pain or pause the workout.

Source: Lululemon

In terms of running, the Chargefeel shoes performed well and offered good grip and stability. The only downside was that the shoes felt a bit narrow, so we recommend sizing up if you’re between sizes.

In conclusion, the Lululemon Chargefeel is a versatile shoe that comes close to doing it all. Whether you are doing HIIT, weightlifting, or running, this shoe offers the support and stability you need to perform your best.

If you’re looking for a multi-functional workout shoe, the Chargefeel is worth considering.