The Many Marvelous Things That Can Be Made Using Cinder Blocks

By Jo Arazi

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For those that love getting down and dirty just to create new things, we’re sure you’re going to love this article. Keep in mind that you’ll be frequenting the hardware store to embark on several D.I.Y. projects we are about to list. When you get there, make sure you stock up on nails, glue, and any other important thing you can think of as you’re about to embark on an unforgettable journey.

You see those cinder blocks lying gathering dust in your garden or garage, now is the time to put them to good use. They’ll come in handy as you’ll be surprised at the fantastic things you can do with them from benches to stairs to barbecue grills and a swimming pool – you’re about to carry out cinder block hacks you’ve never seen before.

Create Your Personal Entertainment Hub

We can agree that everyone has a T.V. set, or some form of technology or the other – except if you’re a technophobe. If you have a T.V. and an entertainment system, rather than going to Home Depot to get a stand, why not make one?


The best part about making your own stand is that it’ll fit perfectly, as you can customize the size of the unit. With the help of cinder blocks and some nicely polished wood, you can create as many compartments as you want for other items.  

Create Beautiful Garden Beds

If your house comes with extra space that you can use for a yard, you don’t have to leave it growing weeds anymore. Now is the time to put those green fingers of yours to work by creating beautiful garden beds.

Source: Happy Home

Keep in mind that you need the regular cinder blocks with two openings. This type of block is perfect as you don’t have to dig up your garden. All you need is to arrange the blocks and add some soil in it before you start planting.

Design a Trendy Outdoor Bench

You might have never guessed that those spare cinder blocks can create amazing things, right? However, there’s more you can do with them, then you previously realized. You can use them to make a comfortable outdoor bench in your garden. Creating the seat is the fun part, as you can wear your artistic hat when designing it.

Source: Lena Sekine

Get eight cinder blocks and space them evenly before you slot four planks of wood through the block holes for extra support and stability. If you wish, you can paint the cinder blocks, after which you can add some beautiful cushions for comfort.

Have Your Own Outdoor Fireplace

Imagine coming back from work after a long stressful day, and being able to cozy up in front of a warm fire. You don’t have to imagine it anymore as you can build your own fireplace with our trusted new friends– cinder blocks.


Regardless of the size of your available outdoor space, with cinder blocks, you can create a fireplace of any size and shape – and we bet it will suit your home perfectly. Just ensure you create a chimney at the top of your furnace.

Convenient Space-Saver

If your house is filled with different kinds of items in every corner, you have to make use of space-saving storage as much as possible. Although investing in storage closets and boxes is a wise decision, you could also consider making your own with cinder blocks.

Source: Claudia Paguiar

This hack requires you to stack two layers of cinder blocks to create a solid base. Next, add a colorful mini-mattress on it and adorn it with beautiful cushions. The holes in the cinder block are suitable for items such as shoes, books, stationeries, etc.

Keep Firewood Organized

If you’re lucky to have a fireplace, you know that storing logs can be hard, and often not attractive to look at; you can use cinder blocks to arrange your firewood in a neat pile. This storage solution is ideal so that you don’t have to worry about the wood taking up space.

Source: Suzanimal/RonPaulForums

Stick four wooden planks into the opening of the cinder blocks at a 45o angle. When they’re firmly wedged between the blocks, fill up the remaining space with several kindling or logs. Remember, you have to keep the firewood dry.

Design Your Own Pool

It’s everyone’s dream to have a pool at home – not those inflatable ones, but a proper one. Having a real pool doesn’t come cheap, and it may cost you thousands of dollars. However, your dream does not have to die as there’s a way around it.

Source: bob2112/TroubleFreePool

Cinder blocks to the rescue again – you can create a custom made swimming pool with cinder blocks and lots of cement. Bear in mind that this is not a single day’s job as you’d have to lay the pool’s foundation, walls, and floor before filling it up and jumping in.

Take up Composting

The idea behind making a compost maker is noble; it reduces the amount of waste your household produces, and it a great way to return vital nutrients back into the soil in your garden without relying on chemical fertilizers. Using cinderblocks, you can create your eco-system in the back yard.

Source: Happy Home

All you have to do is to allocate a section of your lawn and outline the area with cinder blocks. Throw the peels and veggies into this patch to make your compost heap and apply it whenever it is ready.

Cinder Block Desks

Explore your creative side by designing awesome cinder block desks. Having a private corner where you can work is very important so you can get things done. In truth, furniture is quite expensive, and desks are no exception, but you can make your own.

Source: Kate Miss

For this project, you need to figure out the ideal height you’ll like the writing table to be – this will determine the number of cinder blocks you need to use. You can lay the blocks in any style that suits you before adding a wooden top.

Custom Shelving Solution

A home without shelving space is unusual to find. However, some people don’t like conforming to the norm, and they find that the regular shelves you buy at home improvement stores are often boring. It is effortless to make your own if you are looking for something unique.

Source: Home Edit

One good thing about this project is that you don’t need to attach anything to your wall, so its an ideal option if you are renting. Also, you can make the shelf as small or as large as needed, and you don’t need any tools. Your hands, a tape, wood planks, and cinder blocks are all you require.

Dream Bed

As we stated earlier, buying furniture does not come cheap. If you’ve bought a bed before – a bed frame and a mattress – we’re sure you felt the effect financially. You don’t have to spend a fortune when you can create your own base.

Source: Sara Tramp Photography

All you need to do is to arrange two parallel lines of cinder block on the ground, then lay planks of treated wood over them. The space the cinder blocks create can also be used to store clothes, books, and luggage.

Cinder Block Stairs

If you have a steep slope in your yard, you don’t have to get worked up anymore. Steep slopes can be hazardous, especially during the rainy season, when the ground becomes muddy and slippery. With cinder blocks, you can avoid this wet mess.

Source: Step By Step

Don’t worry about needing to hire construction workers as you can do this yourself. Place four cinder blocks close to each other and fill each hole with gravel to make sure it’s sturdy. Repeat this for as many steps or rows as you need.

Colorful Seating

Having an outdoor space in your yard also means you need to spend a lot on getting the required furniture to make the place comfortable. You can fill your entire garden with color while paying half of what you would otherwise on furniture.

Source: Home Style Diary

For starters, make a custom made fire pit then surround it with colored cinder block benches. The benches are very easy to make as you need just to stand the cinder blocks upright and add a wooden plank on top.

Colorful Garden Wall

If you’re lucky enough to have a big yard and you want to create smaller sections – the first option is to hire construction workers or fence experts to build a partition. On the other hand, you can do this yourself and spend the money on more important things.

Source: Little Piece of Me

With several cinder blocks, you can build a beautifully colored wall together with potted plants to reinvigorate your yard. However, you need to make sure the cinder blocks are correctly aligned, but try to make sure you’re creative with your design.

Design a Planter Table

If you’re tired of your drab looking backyard, which may lack the personality you want – a planter table may be just what you need to add some life. Your creative side can be unleashed by making a planter wall with cinder blocks.

Source: Hunted Interior

Cement various cinder blocks into place and make sure they stick out in different directions. That’s not all, any spaces in the cinder block can be filled with any beautiful plants of your choice, which will add freshness and color to your efforts

Cinder Block Grill

Sometimes, you don’t have to haul out your giant grill just because you want a small barbecued snack. Luckily, with only one cinder block – there’s every possibility you’ll find one in the garage – you can make your own little grill.

Source: How To Instructions

If you want to cook different foods on your new-found grill, try using a cinder block with two holes. By doing this, you get to avoid cross-contamination of any kind. The holes should be filled with charcoal, and then you can light it up – and grill away.

Make Over Your Outside Space

It may be a tad challenging to entertain guests when you don’t have seating space. Thankfully, by using cinder blocks and a few planks, you can comfortably welcome the guest to your newly arranged yard without spending much money or effort.

Source: Bright Lights Big Color

Without any help, you can create a cinder block table, and a bench that can seat approximately eight or more people. For this hack, we recommend you use cinder blocks that have three openings, so the benches are more stable.

Have Dinner Outside

Sometimes all you want to do is to eat dinner outside when the weather is great. However, this dream may not come to reality if you don’t have an outside table for it. How about making one with our trusted friends- cinder blocks?

Source: The Improvised Life

Stack three layers of 3 holed cinder blocks to make sure the table supports the weight of the top and if anyone tries to lean on it. Finally, add a beautiful wood plank to make the tabletop, and you’re good to go.

Cinder Block Book Shelf

If you are a book worm and you have more books than you can count, you’ll probably need an extra shelf or two. You don’t have to hide your books in odd places anymore, and you can proudly display them for the world to see. 

Source: HomeBNC

This custom cinder block bookshelf can be built to any size you want, and it’s effortless to assemble, just like the others we’ve done before. To make the shelves taller, simply stack extra cinder blocks on the previous row then add the wooden plank.

Protect Plant Seedlings

There’s no better feeling than nurturing a seedling until it flourishes into a fully grown plant. If you intend to cultivate a flower bed, you’ll need lots of flower pots to protect the seedlings. If there’s not enough available, you can make use of cinder blocks.

Source: A Kailo Chic Life

If you take a good look at a cinder block, you’ll notice it can serve as a perfect alternative for a flower pot. Just fill it with soil, plant the seed, and you’re good to go. When the time is right, you can transplant into the ground.

Cinder Block Bedside Table

If you feel your bedroom lacks something, it could just be that you need a concrete bedside table to spice things up. If you were to ask furniture makers for this, it would definitely set you back hundreds of dollars.

Source: Dwell

For this particular hack, you need about two two-holed cinder blocks and one three-holed cinder block. The identical blocks should be placed beside each other, and the three-holed block should be stacked on top. Now you can make this look your own by adding some personal touches.

Cinder Block Fence

Your yard shouldn’t just be an empty space when you can transform it into something spectacular by adding planters and fenced off areas. You can create several sections like a section for growing vegetables and other plants, a section for playing games, and more.

Source: Home Decor Magz

If this is something you would like to try, a good way to go about it is to create a cinder block fence. Like other hacks on this list, you can do this yourself with some cinder blocks and several wooden planks.

Throw a Party

Would you like to have a group of friends come over or better still, you prefer to host a garden party? This cinder block bar is the exact thing you need to turn your event into a memorable celebration and show off your mixology skills.

To create the bar, simply stack several cinder blocks on top of each other and design it into the shape of your choice. Get a beautiful looking countertop, and your bar will come to life. For full effect, you can add some flower pots around it to bring in more color.

Bird House

If you are a lover of wildlife and you don’t mind if some birds build their home in your yard, then this hack is for you. As you may have noticed, birds also need a comfy home to raise their family.

Source: NYMeta

With a wooden rod, hook, and a cinder block, you can build a beautiful looking birdhouse. Cover the hole in the cinder block with a piece of wood that has a hole at the center. A wooden rod that comes with a perch should be attached to it, and you can hang it on the nearest tree. 

Cinder Block Succulent Pyramid

The moment you hear the word pyramid, the first things that come to mind are the impressive structures of Egypt. You don’t have to travel to Egypt before you can see one of these monuments as you can build one right in your yard. Granted, it will be a smaller structure.

Source: The Little Green Homemaker

For this project, you need to stack several cinder blocks on top of each other at different angles – leaving several gaps and creating a step-like formation. Wherever there’s a gap, fill it with succulents and flowers so it looks pretty and your pyramid will take shape.

Outdoor Buffet Area

Having beautiful weather is something we all pray for, and when it’s nice out, most people like to take advantage and spend time outside. It is relaxing and calming to enjoy all the good things nature has to offer during your time outdoors.

Source: O.M.G. Home Decor

To that effect, you can create a cinder block outdoor buffet area that you can assemble within minutes. Get nine pieces of cinder block and stack them three steps high in three places. Cover it with a long plank to complete your buffet table.

Creative Gardening

If you have green thumbs, you have probably spent many hours thinking of ways you can do something new and innovative in your garden. Although the end product looks aesthetically pleasing, it may come to you as a surprise that the structure below is quite easy to make.

Source: Pinterest/Chad Spain

This hack comes in handy if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden. You can build up and use the elevated area for new flower beds. Stack cinder blocks facing different directions on top of each other, then fill the holes with plants of your choice.

Cinder Block Flower Planter

We’ve come up with several ways you can use cinder blocks to plant various things, but for some, these designs maybe a little boring. As luck would have it, there’s no rule that says you can’t add a bit more pizazz to your planters.

Source: Design Improved

You can enhance your cinder block flower planters by adding your favorite patterns and colors to them. Not only will it bring variety to your garden, but you can also explore your creative side and bring those beautiful ideas in your mind to reality.

Courtyard Bench

If you’re lucky to have a courtyard or spare wall and you feel something is missing, you can add a bench made out of cinder blocks. Although you may spend a fair amount of time making it, the end product will be well worth it.

Source: C.R.A.F.T

For starters, you’ll need several cinder blocks to make the bench, so it’ll look like a day bed or lounger when you’re done. You also need to add armrests for the bench, and then you can add cushions and padded seating in the fabric of your choice to make it extra inviting and perfect for lazy sunny days.

Light Up With Cinder Blocks

One of the best ways to add ambiance to your garden is by adding soft lighting. By putting enough wood in the fireplace and filling the entire garden with scented candles -creates the perfect way to enjoy a romantic evening. This look is easy to achieve by using cinder blocks.

Source: The Horticult

This hack is great for adding subtle lights in your garden, and it also adds an unusual structural element to it too. To do this, stack several cinder blocks on top of each other in any pattern you like, then fill each hole with candles.

Explore Your Barbecuing Skills

If you love cooking for your entire family or you just like to make spit roast in your yard, then you need to make a cinder block grill. This grill will take your barbecuing skills to another level and leave your guests wanting more.

Source: Instructables

This hack can be completed in much the same way you made the cinder block fire pit but with slight differences. After making the main base, add the tasting barrel to it and some charcoal to start up a fire. Then you are ready to start cooking.

Turn Waste into Treasure

The saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is particularly true in this instance. For some, cracked flower pots, old copper containers, old apple crates, and milk jugs are of no use and should be kept in storage or thrown away.

Source: Yahoo

Well, you can make something a beautiful and unique feature out of these items, and you will be impressed with your creation at the end of the day. With little effort, you can create a plant display that will give your yard a new look.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Taking your kitchen outside makes cooking more fun than it usually is. However, the weather can be unpredictable at times and could ruin the entire day. To be on the safe side, you can build a canopy or protective covering to always stay dry.

Source: Outdoor Kitchen Design

This hack may be a little complicated than the others, but you can still pull it off with the right guidance. You’ll need lots of cinder blocks and wood, and you need to plan it carefully, so you don’t build something unsuitable for your needs.

Outdoor Couch

The pleasure you gain from sitting on a comfortable couch cannot be measured. Now, add that to taking in the sights of a beautiful sunny day as the cool breeze caresses your skin. With cinder blocks, you can create an outdoor couch to enjoy the summer days.

Source: Borganic

Stack two layers of cinder blocks and make sure you build an armrest too. The outdoor couch is not complete without a backrest else you’re setting yourself up for future back problems. If you wish, you can make matching cinder block tables too. Add some soft furnishings for extra comfort.

Cinderblock Firepit

If you love having friends around and entertaining in your garden or you are naturally an outdoors person, then you’ll love this next D.I.Y. project. On a cold night, the best place to be is sitting beside a fire pit, enjoying the company of friends and family.

Source: Natural Gas Firepit Guys

To make a simple surround for your fire firstly, ensure the base materials are fireproof and safe to use. You can add sand or paving stones in your preferred location. Next, create several stacked layers of cinder blocks, and you are ready to light your fire. This is one of the easiest hacks you’ll come across.

D.I.Y. Furniture

Owning a house is one of our top priorities, and it can cost a lot of money furnishing it to your taste. If you are looking for money-saving measures, the best thing to do is reduce your expenditure on furniture.

Source: Borganic

You can build your very own patio with several cinder blocks and some wood planks. In addition, you can make small outdoor chairs, a center table, a large chair, and a fire pit with cinder blocks. This will save you some much-needed cash.

Center of Attention

Hosting dinner parties or having friends around is a fun thing to do during hot summer evenings. There is every possibility you want the night to be a remarkable one, and we are not just talking about the food alone.

Source: Design Sponge

You can make a significant statement by adding a centerpiece. All you need are a few cinder blocks and some flowers or grasses from your yard. These are the main elements required to create this centerpiece, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Elevate Your Garden

With so many people doing the same things in their garden, you may be eager to try something new that will set you apart from your neighbors. You can make your garden pretty and unique by adding some height to it.

Source: Flickr

Keep in mind that it’s not a look that everyone will want in their garden, but having a higher feature will be a stand out for sure. In no time, you’ll notice several people following your lead, and including this look in their landscaping. Decorate the cinder blocks to suit your personal taste.

Design a Beautiful Garden

Make your garden stand out by designing various levels and sections using cinder blocks, plants, and lovely flowers. With some unused items in your garage and yard, you can recreate this beautiful look, but be ready to put in a little effort.

Source: The Sacramento Rose

By adding planters like this in your garden, you’re sure to elicit a lot of positive reactions anytime you have friends over. Get several cinder blocks and arrange them as you wish. Fill each gap with wood and get ready to fill the planter

Rocket Stove

For those who aren’t familiar with a rocket stove, you’ll be surprised at how fast it heats up when compared to your conventional stove. This could be the exact thing your yard needs, after all, it’s time you start making those S’mores.

Source: DIYSelfy

Some people may decide to splurge on getting the gadget, but since you have this hack, you can recreate the same thing using cinder blocks. You need to make sure there’s air flowing through your custom-built rocket stove by making the cinder blocks point outwards.

Creative Borders

If your garden is large enough, you can create plant borders to make your yard look less sparse and more inviting. You will need a fair amount of cinderblocks depending on the size of your yard, so its best to measure before getting started.

Source: Guiding Home

Creating a border for your plant to grow gives extra touches of color to your garden, and it also breaks up the vast expanse of grass. Ensure you have some fresh soil and some other accessories like lights for other special effects.

Discover Your Inner Chef

There’s no need to hide some of your talents anymore, especially your cooking skills. Now is the time to bring the expertise to life and share it with the world – in reality, we don’t mean the world but your neighbors.

Source: Last Home Decor

Create a chef styled patio with several cinder blocks, wood planks, and you’re good to go. The table should be U-shaped with neatly arranged wooden planks to complete the look. Next, get your dishes ready and add some stools for your cookout.

Be a Top Student

Whether you are still in high school or college or you are just a professional that works from home, there’s every chance you need a comfortable desk. Of course, you can sit on the couch for a while, but after some time, it gets uncomfortable.

Source: Cool Creativity

Most students are always on a budget, so buying a desk may not be the best option or financially possible. The picture above is proof that you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a cool looking desk.

Indoor Lighting

If you are not a huge fan of having an indoor fireplace, you can still add some natural and warm light to your home. Some people choose to go for electric flames, while others prefer the real thing. Hence, you can go for cinder block candle holders.

Source: Cipriani Charles Designs

Making one is very simple and inexpensive. Just get a few cinder blocks, some wood, and your favorite candles. Stack the cinder block in any way that pleases you and add the wood on top. Complete by filling each hole with your candles and Voila.