5 Hobbies Considered To Be For The Wealthy People Only

By Peter C

While people engage in various activities that eventually become hobbies, these five elite pastimes are commonly associated with the wealthy.

1. Playing Polo

People who play Polo are usually considered to be rich. When someone says that one of their favorite hobbies growing up was playing this sport, people around have a high tendency to assume that such a person is wealthy.

The truth is that Polo is not for everybody because it is not a regular sport like football or basketball that is largely open to almost everybody and can be played almost anywhere. Hence why it is understandable when one has that stereotype about people who play Polo.

2. Fine art collecting

Fine art collecting isn’t a regular activity. When you see someone doing it, you may want to believe such an individual is on the wealthy side. The reason is not far-fetched, actually. It takes a good amount of money to consider going down that path and some good money to maintain and make a career or living out of it.

3. Sailboat racing

Sailboat racing is very expensive because the equipment necessary for this is not exactly cheap. People who get involved in it are seen as moneybags, and we can’t say we disagree.

4. Mountain climbing

This activity isn’t for the weak or those who do not have the bucks. It’s pretty expensive, especially when you are climbing in remote places in the world. Climbing mountains in Africa, Asia, and Europe requires big money – and a lot of courage.

Source: @bradbarmore/Unsplash

5. Astrophotography

Ever heard of the term astrophotography? Well, it is also known as astronomical imaging. It is the photography or imaging of astronomical objects, celestial events, or areas of the night sky. Everything that centers around this activity is expensive, as you can probably tell by this brief description.