Photography Tips: 38 Attractive And Confident Poses For Men

By Jana I July 31, 2023

This article was originally published on bettermanly

If you are a guy, posing might seem like science to you. Men are usually shamed for modeling or looking presentable and dashing on social media to show it off. People are judgemental. When they see a male influencer, or their next-door neighbor taking his Instagram seriously, they use it as a gag. They joke about it, and often in an unpleasant way. That’s why guys have a hard time finding their confidence and showing their skills online. Daniel Asante, a social media personality, shares his posing tricks and ideas and helps his fellow men in the industry. On his Instagram page, Mr.dasante, we’ve found many tips and tricks you might want to use next time you create a show-stopping photo! Keep scrolling to learn more!

Wall Pose

Posing against the wall is one of the common themes on Instagram. People love it because it’s simple and can make or break your pic! The photo aesthetic can be dependable on the wall, whether or not it’s plain or super colorful!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

In the first picture, the creator shows how dull and uncreative it is to lean one foot on the wall. This makes a figure look shorter and stiff. Pose with feet slightly outward, arms posed in a thinker’s pose, head to the side, and you get a great, Instagram-worthy post!

Sitting at a Cafe Pose

Sitting at a cafe can be a perfect opportunity to snap a fantastic photo for your Instagram profile. It can give your profile some variety, showing your exquisite taste in coffee. What could go wrong, right?! If you don’t know how to pose, well, lots of things.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Crossing your legs and moving the camera up can make a tremendous difference. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, use one of them to hold a cup of coffee. The other one can go on your lap or in your pocket. This makes your figure perfectly balanced.

Walking Down The Stairs Pose

If you want to show your new business outfit or corporate uniform, posing on the stairs with a briefcase is the thing to do! However, if you don’t know how to do it right, you might look like a kid on their first day of school.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

The trick is to lower the camera a bit to elongate the legs. Create the illusion of walking down. Look to the side, and put one hand in your pocket. Doesn’t it look so much better and more professional?! We are in love with it!

Sitting On The Stairs Pose

It’s all about confidence. Whether you have it or you fake it, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is you portray it. This is a perfect way to do so. If you love hats and wear them often, this pose is for you to use and enjoy.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

In the first picture, the man looks stiff and bored. The image doesn’t have any allure, and it’s bland. In the second one, with a simple tilt to one side, a raise of the leg, and a touch of the hat, he’s in another dimension.

Tourist Pose

If you are someone that enjoys traveling, you might want to make your Instagram account more entertaining and colorful. Daniel Asante has an answer for that, too. He is a wonderful man, we tell you! Take a look at this incredible photo composition.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Although we all love the famous peace sign pose, it’s elementary and uninspiring. If you want to grab someone’s attention, you can use panorama mode on your phone, but use it vertically! It’s a game-changer. Look at the second picture. It’s amazing!

Wall-Lean Pose

Besides standing in front of a building, another go-to wall pose includes leaning on it or standing beside it. It’s up to you. But, not everyone has what it takes to figure out how to do it themselves. Our man is here to assist.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

In his opinion, simply standing next to a wall is a waste of space and opportunity. Leaning your back against it, one leg up, hand on the cap, is the way. He looks so good posing like that. The lighting is better, and the concept of the picture is better. Wow!

If You are Not Tall Pose

This one is for all our short kings out there! Struggling with finding a perfect pose is no joke. So Mr. Asante is here to support you. He instructs the boys on how to pose if they are not tall or want to seem taller.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

All you need to do is tell your cameraman to lower the shot. This will visually elongate your legs and create an appearance that you are taller. Instead of putting your arms flat to your body, structure them a little bit, and put them around the seams of your coat. Look to the side, and you got yourself a perfect picture.

Not So Boring Pose

Try this one out if you always do the same pose, in front of the same scenery, with the same outfits. When you don’t know what to post, pull this one up and recreate it. It’s easy yet so effective. We love it.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

When posing, you’ll learn that it is about symmetry and balancing out your body. Notice how his legs and arms are almost following each other. His body is in sync, and a lot is going on. But in a good way. You can look at the second photo for minutes, whereas the second one is scrolled by.

Emotion Pose

When posing for a photo, it’s always great to show emotion. An emotionless face is usually okay if you are full-on modeling and presenting some clothes. The clothes are, in that case, the main character. Yet, when you are the main character, show us some emotions!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Notice how the pose in the second picture makes it more engaging and attractive. It almost shines! His smile is inviting and warm, making his Instagram profile more interesting. Don’t be shy to smile if you want others to know your personality through your posts!

Basic Pose

This one is really basic. He teaches us how to pose wherever we are. Instead of standing with arms flat next to the body, we should find a nearby object and create something fun. It’s all about play and creativity. Look at what is his go-to pose:

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

He used an outdoor light in the street to slightly lean on and strike his recognizable pose. When you want to take a great photo, interacting with an object you find in the city or place can be entertaining. If you want to play it safe, mimick what he is doing.

Not So Boring, Volume 2 Pose

Wearing an amazing tux or suit and not knowing how to pose is a waste. A man in a tux is one of the most attractive things! Make sure to nail this one down. If you have a suit as Daniel Asante does, don’t be a fool; use it!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

This style suits him well, and he knows how to show it. Instead of boringly standing with an emotionless expression, bend your leg, cross them over, use your hand to grab the suit, look to the side, and action! Congratulations, you have a nice photo!

Sitting on the Stairs, Volume 2 Pose

Here is another example of a dull, unimaginative photo on the stairs vs. Daniel Asante’s confident and beautiful one. He gave all you fellas or gals a fantastic idea on how to pose while sitting on the stairs. It’s all about depth and perspective.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Notice how he is not sitting straight up in the first one. His knees and hands are too close, and his expression is one-sided. There is no story behind the first photo. Now, the second photo tells you a story about a confident guy, comfortable in his skin!

Broad Shoulders Pose

This one is for those who want to look broader, stronger, more muscular, etc. There is just a slight difference between the two, but if you look carefully, you’ll notice the nuance and distinguish what you’re doing wrong and what you should be doing.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

If you want your shoulders to seem broader, you should move your posture slightly inward, but still to the side. One hand should be in your pocket to lift the shoulder, give it broadness, and make it bigger. Pay attention to the lighting too!

Bore No More Pose

If you love Instagram or social media in general, maybe it came to your mind to make a business profile and becoSme an influencer of sorts. If it did, what you’ll need most are fun, captivating pictures. Something that will make you stand out.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Lucky for you, Mr. Asante has an idea for you. This pose is for the confident. It can’t go unnoticed, so if you use it, prepare for attention from people around you while posing and people on social media liking, sharing, and commenting.

Back Pose

If you want to spruce up your feed, try using your body as a medium for change. Play with perspectives, angles, camera features, and outfits. It will create a remarkable profile in the long run, and your followers will lose their marbles when they see it!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

This man is fearless. That’s why we say confidence is the key. It’s okay if you don’t feel it; fake it until you make it, they say! It’s all about presentation. Relax your body, shake it out and be unapologetically you. You owe yourself that!

Traveling Pose

If you visit a fantastic city and cross a bridge over a body of water, that’s a nice photo opportunity you won’t like to miss. Instead of just standing there awkwardly, make it fun and engaging! He will show you how.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Notice how his body in the second picture perfectly aligns with the bridge on the opposite side. There is a straight line to follow in the middle of the picture. This creates the balance we talked about. It shows meaning, and it looks even and satisfying. Wow, what a shot!

Movement Pose

This one might take a few shots to get a perfect one. The thing is, you have to move a lot. You should repeat the same movement time and time again until you are satisfied with the result. Take a look at what he wants you to do next.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

In this reel on his Instagram account, you can see him working hard to get the second shot. It is not for the faint-hearted, to be frank. So if you are not shy, try it out. You can hold a ball or some flowers and even throw them at the cameraman. We believe it will be awesome!

Feet Pose

Okay, so, when taking into account the walking poses, we need to pay attention to the position of our feet! If you thought it couldn’t get any more complicated and meticulous, it just did, friend. Take a close look and pay attention to what Daniel is showing us!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

It’s all about creating the golden ratio. When walking, one foot should be on the heel, the other on the toes. This creates an illusion of realistic walking, whereas the first one can appear goofy and asymmetrical – therefore, unnatural.

Another Cafe Pose

So what Daniel emphasizes most about posing is you need to have structure and motivation behind your pose. Also, showing emotion is a great thing. In this example, he incorporated his advice and created another instruction on posing in a cafe.

Don’t slouch when you take a picture; lean back, open your arms and show your chest. Smile with a head tilted to the side and slightly back. Pose your hand with a cup in a way it faces the camera. It’s all about the details. Notice how the focus is on him in the second picture, not the food.

Bore No More, Volume 2

For this one, you’ll need a dashing red suit! We’re kidding. But it won’t hurt. It works like a charm. Use this little hack next time you are walking and want to take a spontaneous photo to capture the moment.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

It’s essential to notice the details. Not only is he walking sideways from the camera, but he has a hat and a watch that tie together the whole look. You can always play with patterns, materials, and poses to your liking. Take this and give it your unique punch!

Fake Walk Pose

These and their examples are abundant! He got you covered for your whole Instagram career. If you have or want one, he’s got your back. Take a look at how seamless and confident he is. His stance is firm but not stiff.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

He looks more relaxed and put together in the second picture, but he also looks strong and not rigid as in the first one. If you want to learn some hacks from him, you can always check his Instagram page for heaps of content!

On the Stairs Backwards Pose

Stairs are a fantastic place for pictures. Daniel Asante truly believes this and wants to spread his love and knowledge with us, and we appreciate it. Listen up, dudes! Next time you are on the steps, take inspiration from him.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

One of his favorite poses is the looking back moment. He is so dramatic, and we love it! One foot is on the upper step, knee slightly bent, a hat on fleek, and eyes on the camera. What a move!

Longer Legs Pose

Daniel Asante himself is not the tallest guy out there. Hence, he has a few tips and tricks on his profile that might help you look taller and fake your height. (hey, it’s okay, we won’t tell anybody. it’s not like we don’t already do that)

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

The picture on the left and the right don’t even look like the same person! He looks so tiny compared to the second image. The trick is to lower the camera angle, pose with a wide stance, look, and imagine you’re a cowboy waiting for your enemy.

Paparazzi Pose

When someone takes a random picture of you, the point is to seem as if you weren’t expecting it, as if you are always that attractive and beautifully posed. You know?! So this next one shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Look at this fella! He is so slick and stylish that we can’t comprehend. The point is, look effortless, but put in so much effort your head starts pounding. If you want your pictures to pop, you must put in work.

Look in The Distance Pose

This pose is very trendy and widespread. If you don’t want to express your emotion, you can always pretend there is something away from the camera’s eye that caught your attention. He shows you how; let us observe and learn!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

He looks busy, snatched, clean and wealthy! Those are all highly valued and appreciated qualities. Even though they are not crucial, you still want your impression online to be positive. All those people don’t even have to know the real you. And that’s where the fun begins!

Step By Step Pose

Here, our Mr. Asante is very simple and direct. He tells you step by step what to do if you don’t know how to pose. There are only three strict rules to follow: wear shades, lean onto something/hold onto something and cross your legs.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

He’s out here doing charity work, helping men get into their confident selves and increase their Instagram following! Such a good man. His advice is valuable. With your own two eyes, you can see how big of a difference these three steps make.

Extend One Leg Pose

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Daniel doesn’t disappoint. While scouring through his page, we’ve found a lot of hacks to make you look taller. We loved this one too and decided to share. There are short kings and queens out there, and we must be of help!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

In this one, he suggests lowering the camera angle (duh) and extending one leg forward. Put one hand in the pocket and look to the side. This one seems super spontaneous, as he doesn’t look too posed but is caught off guard by something.

Wide Lens Pose

New phones now have various features that could change the length and width of the camera lens and angles. Playing with that and following the leading lines in the camera app can serve as great help! You should try it out and pose!

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Look at how he transformed his image and stance in a few steps: change the camera lens and pose differently. Voila! You’ve got yourself a nicer shot in a heartbeat. This one and the Step By Step Pose are straightforward.

Not Boring Stairpose Pose

At this point, we’ve figured out what Asante’s expertise is: walking poses, leaning poses, and sitting on the stairs poses. Don’t get us wrong; we love it. We need more variety since they are common while traveling and roaming around the city.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

For this one, he preferred a side angle, feet on different stairs, one hand on one knee, the other hand slightly on the kneecap, and face towards the sun. It’s a mesmerizing snapshot. This one is one of our favorites. His suit complements the stairs very nicely.

Friend Photo Pose

This one also plays with illusions of height. If you have a shorter or taller friend than you, you should consider that and alter your poses. The shorter one goes in the front. It would be best not to stand side by side, as presented in the picture on the left.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Not only is the woman walking toward the camera, but they are also both showing pleasant emotions with their smiles. The second picture shows the dynamic between the two, and it’s carefree and spontaneous. The first one looks dull and not like they are friends at all.

Businessman Pose

If you want to appear busy, serious, and hard-working, posing like a businessman on a conference call might be the pose for you. Asante presented this in a lot of his reels on Instagram. We picked this one out among the many.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

His pose gives off this busy, untouchable energy, but his face also speaks a story. He looks serious, deep in his thoughts, contemplative yet powerful at the same time. Posing is like acting; you have to believe in what you want others to see.

Keep it a Different Pose

Now, this is not to everyone’s tastes. In this one, even Asante himself discredits one of his favorite poses. Here, it’s all about being different and grabbing the most attention. If this is something you want, take a good look.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Of course, in the picture on the right, he is not standing upside down. He instructed his cameraman to turn his camera to the side and take a photo. This is so simple, yet so effective. It’s all because of the leg raise.

Portrait Mode Pose

If you want to make a perfect LinkedIn photo or a Tinder profile picture, you might try this one out. Instead of using the default settings on your camera, change it to portrait mode. This mode is perfect for creating crisp images.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

It focuses on the body and face, and it blurs the background. It’s magnificent. You could change it up a bit for the pose, turn your back to the cameraman, and slightly look over your shoulder. This one is the public’s favorite, for sure.

Superhero Pose

If you are bored of your everyday life and the boring poses you do, next time you go to take a picture wear something flowy at the top. This will help you create a superhero effect Asante used once on his Instagram page.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Simply push your coat or whatever you wear upwards and slightly lean forward to create an illusion of flying/walking fast. This will surely make your followers giggle and double-tap the picture. Who wouldn’t? Give it a try, friend, don’t be shy!

Follow the Grid Pose

Try this hack out instead of snapping a picture without any concept in mind. The point is to follow the preset grid on your camera app. By doing so, follow the first two blocks from the bottom and try to fit the whole object in them.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

You see how it changed the overall picture’s quality. The cameraman also lowered the phone and shot at a lower angle. This elongated the overall figure and created a beautiful balance and concept. We love it. He knows what he’s doing!

Stair Master Pose

The posts about stairs and posing on the stairs/steps is neverending! Don’t fool yourself and think it’s over too soon. Nah! Our buddy Daniel Asante will always provide and deliver the freshest content. Take a peek at what he prepared here:

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

This is almost like that statue The Thinker (Le Penseur) by Auguste Rodin. At least that’s what it reminds us of. He looks severe yet ethereal. It’s a captivating photo. We are talking about the one on the right, don’t get it twisted!

Foreground Objects Pose

He has this playlist on his Instagram dedicated to improving your street-style photos. It’s amazing! So, here is an example of how he would improve this vibe of posing and composition of the pictures. We love his advice, you tell us what you think.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

His whole idea is to find an object, like a car, and use it in the foreground of the photo. In other words, make the vehicle closer to the camera’s eye, and you be further away from it. This creates an illusion of randomness and spontaneity. Cool, isn’t it?

Tilt the Camera Pose

Now, this last one is something we might have already talked about a bit here. It’s a classic. If you don’t want your photos to be dull and give them the dynamic it needs, try tilting your camera slightly to the side.

Image courtesy of mr.dasante / Instagram

Do you see what that simple trick can do? Wonders, that’s what! First of all, the reflection is gone. Second of all, his posture is better or seems better at least. He looks taller and overall stronger. He is confident, bold, and daring. We love to see it!