Inked Legends: The Top 5 Most Tattooed NBA Players

By Peter C

Welcome to the realm of basketball’s inked legends! In this article, we unveil five basketball stars who are covered in ink. Beyond their awe-inspiring skills on the court, these athletes have adorned their bodies with mesmerizing artwork, using tattoos as a means of self-expression.

Source: @tjdragotta/Unsplash

From dazzling designs to meaningful symbols, join us as we delve into the stories etched beneath the jerseys of these iconic players.

5. Wilson Chandler

Chandler is currently a member of the Brooklyn Nets, where his prominent tattoos have garnered attention. Additionally, he has risen to popularity as one of the elder statesmen in active basketball, proving that age is no barrier to his enduring passion for the game.

4. Monta Ellis

Having completed 12 seasons in the NBA, the basketball star bid farewell to the Indiana Pacers in 2017 upon his retirement. Notably, Ellis boasts an impressive array of tattoos, solidifying his place as one of the most inked players in NBA history.

3. Kevin Durant

Durant is one of the most popular basketball players of his generation. He is also one of the richest. Currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets, his popularity is also due to his massively tattooed body.

Durant was NBA MVP in 2014 and the NBA Finals MVP in 2017 and 2018. He’s won the NBA title twice as well.

Source: @ryan/Unsplash

2. J.R. Smith

With a plethora of tattoos adorning his body, Smith stands out as one of the NBA’s most inked players. His last appearance was for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Over the span of 2004 to 2022, Smith made a significant impact in the league, showcasing his skills as he played for five different teams. He got the NBA championship title around seven years ago.

1. Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen

Andersen’s tattoo can be visibly seen on his hands and other parts of his body. Undoubtedly, he is recognized as the most tattooed NBA player ever.

Following his tenure with the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers marked the last team he played for. Upon retiring in 2017, he found a new sporting avenue in the BIG3 league, where he joined the team “Power” to continue showcasing his talent on the court. In 2013, Andersen won the NBA championship title with the Miami Heat.