5 Celebrity Stars of the Field: 5 Celebs You Never Knew Were College Athletes

By Peter C

Discover the incredible stories of 5 famous actors who had surprising sports backgrounds before becoming stars. Some dreamed of playing football, while others excelled on the basketball court. Learn about their journey from sports to Hollywood fame.

Source: @bencollins/Unsplash

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker is one of the most loved actors, but there’s a story being his acting career. He intended to utilize a football scholarship at California State Polytechnic University for his playing ambitions. However, he couldn’t due to a back problem. Then, he had to change his major to music. He then began to act once he got transferred to USC.

Afterward, he attained stardom through multiple films, earning numerous prestigious awards, notably including the coveted Academy Award for Best Actor.

Denzel Washington

The man who needs no introduction, Denzel Washington, has starred in many great movies, and this generation is blessed to have him grace our screens.

During his time at Fordham University, Washington pursued a BA in drama and journalism while showcasing his basketball skills as a guard.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson transitioned from a successful wrestling career to become a Hollywood movie star. He has found profitable success acting in movies, and he’s been one of the best and most paid since he started.

Source: @rileyhphotos/Unsplash

A prominent part of the Miami Hurricanes’ college football team, he contributed to their 1991 national championship victory.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, renowned for her iconic roles in the Harry Potter series, became a member of the Brown University field hockey team in 2010. She majored in English literature while studying at the University.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was a hockey player at De La Salle College, playing as a goalie. Best known for his major role as ‘John Wick’ in the popular movie of the same title, Reeves has experienced a very successful acting career throughout his life.