Love On The Field: A Glimpse Into The Lives of Football Superstars And Their Better Halves

By Ekhama O

Whenever the World Cup kicks off, eyes will zoom in on the players and what they can bring to the pitch. However, a certain group of women get an equal amount of attention. They can be seen in the most happening places and housed in the most luxurious hotels. Yup, they’re none other than the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of famous footballers. From Croatia’s Luka Modric to Brazil’s Neymar and Marcelo, these men not only have winning careers but also found love with the women of their dreams. Make no mistake about it: these ladies are more than just trophy wives; they are incredibly talented, fiercely independent, and drop-dead gorgeous. In no particular order, here are the women the greatest and most popular footballers of our time are lucky to have by their side through thick and thin.

Clarice Alves

Once you’re affiliated with a mega superstar, it is expected that many eyes will most definitely be on you, and that’s just the case with Clarice Alves, the wife, and mother of the children of the Brazilian professional football player Marcelo. The successful actress has been featured in popular movies in South America.

Instagram / claricealves

The thespian speaks several languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The duo met when they were 15 after being introduced to each other by Alves’ brother. They tied the knot sometime in 2008 after dating for a while, and about a year later, they had their very first child together!

Amine Gülşe Özil

What more would qualify a lady to be on the list of the most gorgeous partners of football stars if not for the fact she’s a literal beauty queen? That’s right, the former Arsenal player Mesut Özil hit the jackpot when he met Amine.

Instagram / gulseamine

She is a former Miss Turkey winner and tied the knot with her beau in 2019. They even got the president of Turkey in attendance at their wedding. The married couple has two beautiful girls together and is going strong.

Erika Choperena

Sometimes, we can’t help but believe that if a couple has been together for quite a while, they’re just meant to be for each other. That’s what we think the case must be like for Erika and her superstar beau. Antoine Greizmann.

Instagram / eri_chope

One of the greatest footballers of his generation and a player of many positions, Antoine and Erika have been married since 2017. Erika doesn’t sit around the house waiting for her husband to come; the child psychologist is a mother of three with a career to tend to.

Antonela Roccuzzo

The ambassador of several philanthropic organizations, professional model, and businesswoman Antonela Roccuzzo is winning on all fronts, and that’s just her personal endeavors. She’s also pretty famous, with the attention coming from the high-profile footballer she’s married to.

Instagram / antonelaroccuzzo

People might say she hit the jackpot when one of the greatest football players of all time, Lionel Messi, put a ring on her, and they became husband and wife. But Antonela is quite the catch, too. Together, the pair are raising three adorable sons. 

Vanja Bosnić

Many people think that once you become wealthy and ultra-famous, it will be incredibly difficult for you to find true love, but we think that’s not true. We have something to back up such a claim: the couples on this list, especially this next one.

Instagram / vanja.modric

Luka Modric has tasted the pinnacle of his career, one of the greatest midfielders of all time and indubitably the greatest Croatian football player the world has known. He’s also seemingly won at love, tying the knot with Vanja after four years of dating and, after more than ten years of marriage, have three wonderful kids together.

Katie Goodland

It’s wonderful when someone gets to marry one of the people they’ve known since childhood because you get to skip the initial awkward stage of getting to know each other first and fast forward to the good part. Such is the case with one of the world’s best, Harry Kane, and his wife, Katie Goodland.

Instagram / katiekanex

The pair have a fruitful union as they’re raising four kids together and seem to be incredibly loving towards one another. Katie is a sports science graduate and works as a fitness coach. She sometimes finds her husband’s fame crazy.

Fern Hawkins

Like most WAGS on this list, Fern Hawkins is pretty active on social media and earns a considerable sum from her sponsored posts, although she doesn’t post as much. She seems to be the type to keep her personal life private. Fern is a licensed physiotherapist with a degree in science and physiotherapy.

Instagram / _fernmaguire

After dating for a long while, the couple got engaged in 2018 and then tied the knot four years later. Together, they have two daughters and appear to be living the life. Fern and her kids can usually be seen side of the pitch cheering on Harry.

Pilar Rubio

It can be wonderful seeing two different and unlikely people come together and make a home, and that’s the case with Pilar Rubio and her husband, one of the greatest football stars of the current era and Real Madrid’s veteran, Sergio Ramos. 

Instagram / pilarrubio

Pilar Rubio is a television presenter and a Spanish reporter who tied the knot with the famous football player in 2019. She might be about eight years older than her beau, but together they have four children and seem to be happy together.

Sofia Balbi

Young romance is seldom wish-washy and cute, so people don’t take it seriously, believing it won’t result in anything in the long run. But in this case, they’re oh so wrong. One of the best strikers to have ever played, Luis Suarez, is Sofia Balbi’s husband.

Instagram / sofiabalbi

They started dating in their teens and tied the knot in 2009, raising three children together. Sofia is a famous social media star and a shoe company owner. She might not have been as famous before she married Luis, but her husband credits her with helping him overcome challenges.

Maria Zulay

Beauty contests might be a sham to most people, but we can’t deny that many ladies who compete in them are incredibly beautiful. Those were our exact thoughts when we saw the wife of the French Player and former Manchester United star, Paul Pogba, a Bolivian model named Maria Zulay.

Instagram / zulay.pogbafan

Although she is an interior designer, she gained recognition as a model. Maria and Paul enjoy life as the parents of three children. Maria shares the Muslim faith with her husband. Although based in Miami, she frequently travels to Manchester to support and cheer for him.

Jennifer Giroud

Olivier Giroud is the highest goalscorer in all of France and one of Europe’s most popular footballers. His wife, Jennifer, is his biggest supporter and remained by his side when a public scandal threatened their marriage. He has credited his wife with his success many times.

Instagram / team.jengiroud

Jennifer maintains a low profile and doesn’t share pictures of her children or the family, but she is active on X with 10,000 followers. The couple wed in 2011 and has four children. Not much is known about her, but she is the loving force behind her husband’s illustrious career.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel

Sure, having your spouse as a super important figure in the football world can be a thing of pride, but you can be all the more proud if you aren’t doing too badly in your endeavors. Even though Ann-Kathrin Brömmel is German footballer Mario Götzea’s wife, she’s still her own person.

Instagram / annkathrin

She started modeling at the age of 16 and dabbled in music, even releasing a few singles. She has also done some voice acting for the German version of Ice Age: Collision Course, all while supporting her husband and being a mother of two.

Bruna Biancardi

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is another huge name in football. The Brazilian ace and his girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, recently welcomed their first baby, a girl. The social media influencer and model has a huge following on Instagram and owns a clothing brand.

Instagram / brunabiancardi

The couple is presumed to have started dating in 2021 and kept their relationship under wraps for a few months before going public. The two reconciled after a brief split in 2022. Bruna is close to Lionel Messi’s wife, Antonella, and has shared images of her and other football spouses enjoying a night out together.

Sandra Garal

It’s one thing to maintain a decent career; it’s another to do it in conjunction with a love life, especially when you’re keeping that love life a secret. Sadra Garal is an influencer and incredibly good-looking woman, and one former Real Madrid star is lucky to call her his.

Instagram / ssandragaral

It seems she’s not just a pretty face but brainy, too. The Madrid native and former public relations specialist supposedly has a bachelor’s in architecture and also dabbled in interior design. After dating for four years, Sandra and Marco Asensio tied the knot in 2023.

Marine Lloris

It’s so wonderful seeing someone grow in their career and become successful in what they dreamt about. Marine was lucky to experience all the thrills and joys of building a great career with her husband, Hugo Lloris, as they’ve been together since childhood.

Instagram / llorismarine_off

But she’s more than the wife of the most popular goalkeepers today. Marine has not one but two master’s degrees, one in Social Psychology and another in Human Resource Management. She also has a fashion line and is the mother of Hugo’s two kids. 

Izabel Kovačić

Teen love is a heck of a beautiful thing, and we’re thrilled to see the young lovers end up with each other. That’s why whenever we hear the story of Izabel Kovačić and her husband Mateo Kovačić, we can’t help but feel joy.

Instagram / izakova

The Croatian player and his wife are rumored to have been together since they were kids and now share a son together. Izabel is an entrepreneur who comes from a wealthy family. She owns a company called Lunilou, which deals with environmentally friendly and organic baby items.

Lisa Müller

We were highly impressed when we learned that Lisa Mueller, the wife of the German footballer Thomas Müller, is a dressage rider who owns a stable farm. The German national has reportedly always had a deep love for riding horses ever since she was much younger.

Instagram / lisa.mueller.official

She partakes in the sport competitively, too, taking home medals and championships, such as a silver in the Bavarian U25 Competition and a spot at the German Masters. The couple has yet to have kids, but is enjoying life with their pets and different endeavors..

Sara Arfaoui

Sara Arfaui is the wife of German midfielder Ilkay Gündogan. The French TV model, host, and actress met her husband during the European Championships thanks to mutual friends. They shortly married afterward in Copenhagen and welcomed their first child, Kais, in 2023.

Instagram / saraguendogan

One of the most popular WAGs of footballers, Sara has a massive Instagram following, and she uses her social media platform to share beauty and fashion tips. She grew up in Italy and speaks English, French, Italian, and some Turkish.

Rebekah Vardy

If you think the WAGs of famous footballers have an easy life, think again. Rebekah Vardy is the 41-year-old wife of English footballer Jamie Vardy, has gone through quite a lot. The English media personality has appeared on various reality TV shows, including I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2017 and Dancing on Ice.

Instagram / beckyvardy

She was also the subject of a documentary Rebekah Vardy: Jehovah’s Witnesses And Me, where she admitted being abused as a child. Many people might know her from the legal case she had with the wife of fellow English football star Wayne Rooney, Coleen, that took place in 2022.

Lina Meyer

Being in the same sphere as your spouse means it’s much easier to relate to their struggles and their pain as well as the gravity of their wins and successes. That should probably be the situation between Lina Meyer and her husband, Joshua Kimmich, a Bayern Munich player.

Instagram / _linamey_

Lina is into sports like her husband. She used to play professional volleyball and has even represented Germany on some occasions. She has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Leipzig University and has also studied law. Her volleyball career has been put on hold since she had a family, but she is happy where she is currently.

Anna Oritz

With a dating history beginning in 2008, according to reports, Anna Oritz and her Spanish footballer husband, Andres Iniesta, would then tie the knot sometime in 2012. She’s the loving wife behind one of the greatest midfielders football has ever known.

Instagram / annaortiz34

Anna is a businesswoman and fashion designer who curates designs for the Spanish brand Mikakus. She also designs for SWAO, a high-end apparel brand. She has three children with the football legend and often shares photos of the family on her social media account.

Elena Galera

Elena Galera is the wife of Sergio Busquets, an Inter-Miami football star. The football star reportedly started dating the Catalan-born model in 2013, and the two married shortly thereafter in a private ceremony. The pair was blessed with a son in 2016 and another in 2018.

Instagram / elenagalera

The model and internet personality worked as a nurse before meeting her husband, although other sources say she was once a dental assistant. Elena has amassed a decent social media following for herself and frequently shares images of herself doing what she loves and promoting various jewelry and other accessories.

Daniella Semaan 

You can’t talk about the most famous and well-known WAGs of football players without including this bombshell’s name on the list. Former central midfielder and current football manager Cesc Fàbregas must have thought he struck gold when he made Daniella his wife.

Instagram / daniellasemaan

The couple got married sometime in 2018 and have three children together. Daniella is known for being an internet personality and a businesswoman and made headlines for allegedly having an affair with Lionel Messi. Although she is over a decade older than her husband, the pair seem to be making things work.

Nagore Aranburu

The Spanish actress Nagore Aranburu has been married to football manager and ex-football player Xabi Alonso (one of the best midfielders of his generation) for almost a decade and a half! Aside from acting, she also dabbles in screenwriting and directing. She is renowned for her role in Flowers, a Spanish movie.

Instagram / nagore.aranburu

This football WAG is a busy woman. She’s also a public personality as well as a model. She is associated with the jewelry brand Links of London and plans to expand her clothing shop in San Sebastian. She is also working to launch a fashion line.

Lorena Bernal

The entertainment industry is as cutthroat as possible, so the “looks” department has to be on point for someone to be a part of it. That’s probably one of the things that had people sold on the Spanish actress and TV host Lorena Bernal. She started modeling as a child and entered the acting world later.

Instagram / lober99

The wife of the Premiere League’s Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, is part Argentine and has appeared in shows like CSI: Miami. She also won Miss Spain at just 17 and competed in Miss World, where she was amongst the top ten finalists.

Georgina Irwin

Younger players aren’t just finding their foot in the industry but also in life. Arsenal’s goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, had quite the year in 2023 when he married Georgina Irwin after dating for a while. The flight attendant for British Airways often posts photos of the sun-soaked places she gets to visit while on the job.

Instagram / georginamay_

She is also the co-owner of the clothing brand Gymnetix. The two tied the knot at a super private and intimate ceremony. Although they kept things about their wedding super hush, Georgina was more than happy to announce the birth of their son on her Instagram page sometime after their marriage.

Megan Pickford

Megan Pickford and her husband Jordan met while in school and have reportedly been together since then. They married at a lavish ceremony in the Maldives in 2020. The University of Sunderland shares one son with her husband, a boy named Arlo George.

Instagram / meganpickford_

The couple bought an impressive mansion in Cheshire in 2021 and has since been living there. They had a baby girl in 2023, and Megan has been enjoying her life as a full-time mother to the children. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for this happy family.

Coral Simanovich Roberto

One could basically say Sergio Roberto has got it all. The Spanish footballer is a defender for one of the world’s most popular clubs, FC Barcelona, is getting paid handsomely and is coming home to Coral Simanovich, a bikini model.

Instagram / coralsimanovich

Her modeling career began when she was a teenager. She studied at Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, a top-tier Israeli fashion college, and graduated with a degree. She often shares pictures of her escapades and herself modeling some pretty banging fits. Fun fact: She served in the Israeli Army.

Daniela Machado

Daniela Machado is the gorgeous partner of João Cancelo, one of Barcelona’s full-backs. Both are Portuguese, and the duo welcomed their daughter Alicia in 2019. Daniela can often be seen with their daughter, cheering João on. She attended the Lisbon Design School and enrolled in a fashion design course.

Instagram / danielalexmachado

The two began dating in 2011, and the footballer finally popped the big question in 2022. She is a social media influencer with a substantial following on Instagram, where she often shares bikini photos and the perks of being a football WAG.

Helena Seger

Helena Seger must feel proud of her husband Zlatan Ibrahimović’s accomplishments, a highly-rated footballer with an illustrious career. The svelte Swede worked her way up in the business world and had stints in the finance, marketing, and communications sectors.

Instagram / helenasegerfp

A woman of many professions, Helena is also an actress and a model. She sashayed on the ramp on behalf of well-known designers. Helena and Zlatan are the parents of two amazing boys, one born in 2006 and the other in 2008.

Anna Lewandowska

Robert Lewandowski accomplished much throughout his career, and he has to thank his wife, Anna Lewandowska, for being one of the most supportive forces in his life. The two tied the knot in 2013 after dating for five years. They were blessed with a daughter in 2017.

Instagram / annalewandowska

Anna is more than just a pretty face. She has some tricks up her sleeve, being a professional personal trainer and, more impressively, a karate artist. She’s won multiple championships not just in her country of Poland but has also taken home medals when she competed continentally and globally.

Mikky Kiemeney

Most women on this list were brought into the spotlight after having relationships with famous footballers and the same can be said for Mikky Kiemeney. She is the partner of Barcelona midfielder and Dutch footballer Frenkie de Jong. The two began dating in 2014.

Instagram / mikkykiemeney

The model, entrepreneur, and fashion designer has a large social media following of almost two million and is currently expecting her first child with the football star. She is also a former pro hockey player who frequently shares snaps of her luxurious holidays and shopping trips on Instagram.

AnneKee Molenaar

A theory has been going on about people being attracted to another person, closely resembling their parent. we’re not sure if it’s true, but in AneeKee’s case, there’s a chance it actually might be. The influencer and professional model is the daughter of Keje Molenaar, a former Dutch football player.

Instagram / annekeemolenaar

She’s also the girlfriend of Matthjis de Ligt, a current Dutch football player for Bayern Munich. See what we were talking about? Aside from working as a model, she is also studying law and believes in the importance of getting a higher education.

Michela Persico

Italian social media personality Michela Persico meets Italian footballer and 2014 Serie B Footballer of the Year Daniele Rugani to make one of the best-looking couples we’ve ever seen. The pair became a couple in 2015 and have been dating since.

Instagram / michelapersico

Besides being a social media personality with an astounding following, Michela is also a sports analyst and the mother of Daniele’s only child. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Bergamo and has worked with major TV channels in Italy.

Giorgia Miatto

Some women love the absolute thrill of being mothers. They enjoy the ups and downs of raising kids and seem to find a way to make everything fun for the kids. That’s the kind of vibe we get from Giorgia, Mattia Perin’s better half and the mother of their three children.

Instagram / grgina

The couple got married sometime in 2019 and welcomed the family’s newest arrival in 2023. Unlike other WAGS on this list, Giorgia seldom shares pictures of the family on her Instagram page. Although we want to tell you more about her, she doesn’t share much of herself.

Daniele ter Stegen

Married in 2017, Daniele Jehle became the wife of the German football player Marc ter Stegen, changing her name to Daniele ter Stegen. They had been dating long before their union and had a child about two years later. They are currently expecting their second child.

Instagram / daniterstegen

Daniele herself is a renowned celebrity architect and interior designer who likes to share pictures of all kinds of spaces and her family on Instagram. She owns Daniela Jehle Architecture and Interior Design, a firm offering services for consulting, designing, planning, and managing commercial and residential spaces.

Coleen Rooney

Nothing warms our hearts more than a parent putting their kids before anyone else in their lives, and that’s just the type of woman Coleen is. The fact that she’s the wife to one of England’s most reputable football stars and Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney, doesn’t get into her head.

Instagram / coleen_rooney

The “Ultimate Wag,” as she’s fondly called, might love her kids to the fullest, but she isn’t scared to see what’s out there for her. Known for the “Wagatha Christie” high court libel case, Coleen Rooney is now renowned as a media personality. 

Romarey Ventura

Romarey Ventura and footballer Jordi Alba have been dating for a long time before becoming engaged in 2021. They took their relationship to the next level by marrying in June 2022. They welcomed their first child in 2018 and another in 2020. They are currently expecting their third child.

Instagram / romarey_ventura

Romarey is a Spanish model and influencer who loves to thrill her followers with amazing photos of herself and her lovely family of four. She started modeling in college while attending the University of Spain and graduated with a degree in tourism.

Alice Campello Morata

Looking at how fit this lady is, it’s almost impossible to guess that she’s actually a mother of not one or even two children but four! This is Alice Campello Morata, the wife of Atletico Madrid’s Alvaro Morata. The Italian model is successful in fashion design and has a line of bags called Avril Gau.

Instagram / alicecampello

She is also the ambassador of various brands, including Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Emilio Pucci, and Chanel. The couple was engaged in 2016 and married in Venice in 2017. They have four children together, three boys and a girl.

Victoria Beckham

We’re finishing things off on a very high note, and no, we don’t just mean that because she’s a musician and former “Spice Girls” member. It’s because Victoria Beckham is incredibly reputable and respected as a celebrity in her own right. She was already someone famous worldwide even before meeting her husband.

Instagram / victoriabeckham

“Posh Spice” might have left the world of singing, but it was for better grounds as she would later find her footing in the fashion industry. Her luxury designer ready-to-wear fashion label is worth $73 million. She and her better half were also the subjects of Beckham, a hit Netflix documentary.